Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Thank you, Wednesday!

Today was a huge improvement on yesterday, which started with a lacklustre RPM effort, then involved a long delay while waiting for an x-ray (making me two-and-a-half hours late for work). THAT was followed by a nosebleed whilst driving on the freeway (resulting in bloodstains down the front of my shirt). And all capped off with a flat tyre on the way home. I eventually walked in the front door at 7:00pm, and was not thrilled to discover that a matching tyre is: a) difficult to get hold of; and b) mega-expensive. Harrumph!

So I was happy to say goodbye to Tuesday and start afresh this morning. And apart from a traffic jam on the way to work, my day has gone extremely well.

Pausing to appreciate the small day to day pleasures makes me far more appreciative of how good my life really is. It's all too easy to dwell on the annoyances and disappointments along the way, but those negative feelings can multiply and make you dissatisfied, cranky and downright unhappy. And who wants to hangout with a misery-guts?

Accordingly, I'm making an effort to stop and smell the roses. Here's today's list of things that made me happy:

- I popped into the sports shop near my office at lunchtime and found Under Armour long-sleeved Coldgear compression tops being thrown out for $20. I bought two.

- I received a call to say that our new bed is ready for delivery - it's coming on Friday.

- I got my tax paperwork all but finished off, ready for my appointment with my tax agent later this week. Hey, it may not be fun, but it's satisfying to have it done.

- I've booked tickets to see Harry Potter at Gold Class on the weekend; a special treat for The Baby, for a much improved performance at school last semester.

- I managed pushups this morning with no back pain. Sure, I'm still doing them on my knees, but at least I'm doing them!

I'm keen to see what good stuff Thursday has in store for me. :)

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Magda said...

There's nothing wrong with wimpy knee push-ups (spoken by the knee push-up expert).


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