Sunday, July 24, 2011


In spite of staying up till 2:00am to watch Cadel Evans' historic victory last night, and then having a disturbed night's sleep, I was up before 8:00am this morning. I needed to let my breakfast digest well before my scheduled 9:30am RPM class.

Let me tell you, that class was HARD. I sweated up a storm and not surprisingly, given the lack of sleep, it was a bit of a struggle. But I got through it. It's in my program, so I got up, gritted my teeth, and just did it. That's MY victory.

Now I think I've earned a restful day. It's pouring here, so I think some leisurely shopping, maybe a snooze, a bit of food prep for the week, and a lot of lazing around on the couch will be in order.

That's my kind of Sunday. :)

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Unknown said...

whooowheeee!!Way to go Kerryn! You inspire me to better things!

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