Sunday, July 03, 2011

Weekend report

I've had a lovely weekend with Miss Liz, who came down from Brisbane to pay me a visit.

We had a quiet evening in on Friday, although I made use of Liz's exercise phys and Pilates instructor skills, and had her show me some moves designed to correct a few of my worst issues. I've done Pilates classes and DVDs before, but it's WAY harder than it looks when it's taught properly. Holy moley!

We were up earlyish yesterday and Liz headed out for a walk, while I spent an hour training a client. Then we hit the gym and put in a decent little cardio and weights workout. Liz checked out my deadlift and squat technique and let's just say that I have a lot of work to do.... I'm good with that; whatever it takes to get my body working the way it's supposed to. I'm a bit fed up with my lower back taking over the work that my lazy glutes ought to be doing.

Next stop was Bridge Road where we walked our legs off shopping (well, Liz shopped while I cheered her on), before we headed down to Caulfield for the All Female Classic. We left before the end of the show for a late dinner in Lygon St, finishing off with a visit to Koko Black, where we were very restrained, savouring a single delicious truffle each for our dessert.

This morning we went back to Carlton for breakfast at the famous Brunetti.

Eggs were eaten and the selection of cakes was drooled over - figurately speaking, of course. I'm sure the staff wouldn't appreciate drool all over their amaretti, macarons, canoli and cheesecakes. I couldn't leave without buying something sweet though, so got half a dozen gorgeous macarons to take home for the family.

Next it was onto DFO at South Wharf - which, by the way, is so new I had no idea how to find it and had to get help from the map app on my phone. There was more shopping, followed by a quick lunch, and then it was time to deliver Liz to her next destination.

The weekend has flown past way too quickly. I'm really looking forward to my trip to Brissie in October to hang out with Lizzie again. Right now though, I'm about to jump on the spin bike for a quick 20-minute session before settling down with a cuppa to watch last week's Downton Abbey.

Catch you later! :)


Sandra said...

Sounds like you two had a lovely weekend, had me laughing over the "drooling over the cakes bit" :)

Debstar said...

Food, shopping and a free training session. Sounds like the perfect weekend to me.

Unknown said...

Carlton is such a good place to go- so many good eating places!!!

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