Monday, July 18, 2011

Who stole my smile?

I'm struggling to maintain my happy face this morning. I woke with a very unhappy back (stupid injury!), which was unpleasant in itself, but which also caused me to abandon my upper body workout after only one and a half sets of lat pulldowns. Extreme pain while training is a bright, neon sign that you need to take notice of.

Add to that some very unpleasant hot flushes and a bit of nausea (no idea what that's from) and I'm not feeling all that chipper.

The bright side? I did get through my cardio workout, and then jumped back on the treadmill to walk for an extra 15 minutes when I knew I wasn't going to be able to manage the weights. I have coffee and breakfast is bubbling away on the stove. And the strong pain relief drugs I just took should make life bearable again within the next 10 minutes or so.

On with the week...

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Cherub said...

You're doing really well to find a bright side. Pain (even mild) is tough to deal with after more than a day or two.

Hope your day improves.

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