Friday, August 05, 2011

Crashing through barriers

This week has been a ripper for me on the training front. I feel as though I'm smashing through solid brick walls that up until now, seemed impossible to get past. Re-building my old training habits has been a lot easier than I expected, and only three weeks into Liz's program I'm seeing significant improvements in strength and fitness. I'm at the point now where momentum is keeping me going. Actually, I'm like a runaway train - just try and stop me! ;)

I was almost jumping for joy on Wednesday, when I managed to crank out almost half my pushups on my toes. Man, that's been bugging me - I always feel like such a princess, doing knee pushups... As well, I've increased all my weights, at least a little, and I noticed in Tuesday's RPM class that I'm moving up through the gears, well beyond where I was working at the beginning of July. There are also improvements in my cardio fitness, thanks to all the effort I've been putting in.

Add to that having dropped my weekly physio sessions back to fortnightly, and I'm almost feeling bullet-proof again. I also got the all-clear from my doc after my nasty fall - x-rays showed nothing broken, thank goodness, and the pain has almost disappeared. The odd dizziness/nausea that's plagued me through some of the group sessions I've been doing wasn't due to low iron, as I feared (yay!), so my crazy low blood pressure appears to be the culprit. This week I've been drinking a decent amount of water prior to morning classes, and chucking extra salt on my food, and I think I may have fixed it.

I took a look at my training wardrobe and decided that I seriously needed to lift my game in that department. I mean, who feels good wearing daggy old clothes to the gym? So I shouted myself some new training tops, and finally replaced my worn-out cross-trainers. There are some serious bargains to be had at the moment, and I do love a bargain! I also picked up a new Polar HRM at a nice discount with free postage. It's pretty orange, and has a training split/lap timer function, something my old one was lacking:

So what with the progress, the satisfaction of honouring my self-promises, plus getting in some decent sleep every night, I'm feeling calm, positive and confident. In fact, the whole world seems brighter and shinier.



Debstar said...

Excellent Kek. The inner princess has been beaten! Now, can you come and beat up my princess, she's a total nuisance.

Unknown said...

love the attitude!! And nothing like a new wardrobe to reflect the inner being! I'm with deb here- I need you to sort out my princess- and fast!!!

Liz N said...

Yeah baby!

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