Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Domestically challenged

I would have totally failed as a 50s housewife. Last night I dealt with the weekend's huge pile of washing - sorting, folding and putting away what seemed like enough clothes and towels for the entire street. I also did the essential ironing, then left the iron on the laundry bench to cool down while I packed my gym gear for this morning.

Before heading off to bed stupidly early, I thought I'd put the iron away in the overhead laundry cupboard where it lives. Lucky thing I'd let it cool down first, because I somehow managed to knock it over as I placed it on the shelf, causing it to fall out of the cupboard and collide with the side of my face. This morning I have a lovely bruise high on my right cheekbone.

Hey, it's a talent.


Debstar said...

Just goes to show that ironing is highly dangerous and should only be undertaken by the male in the relationship.....or not at all.

Sara said...

mmmm, I think I share that gene. Simple skills like not putting a new, red towel in the wash with my mans work shirts do not seem to exist in my brain. He doesn't even LET me near the iron these days.

Magda said...

Now that I've stopped giggling I'll say one thing about the 50s housewife ... she didnt work full-time perhaps not at all) and she didnt run a business on the side.

Case closed.

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