Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hmm, where was I....?

Oh, yes. I remember: busy. Well, I decided to take the stress levels down a few notches and took some impromptu leave from work. (Me: Hey, Boss, can I have a week off, starting tomorrow? Boss: OK.) I love that I can do that.

So today is my last day off - back to the salt mines I go tomorrow. I've caught up on some sleep, tidied up the disaster that was my wardrobe, had my hair cut and coloured, trained, cooked a bit, caught up on the washing, read some books, watched some TV, and generally relaxed. I think I'm mentally refreshed and ready to slog through the next eight weeks or so until we head off on our holiday.

The biggest challenge I faced today was finding something healthy and tasty for lunch at the shopping centre food court, when I took The Baby to get a haircut. I rejected 99% of the offerings and settled for a sandwich. Wholemeal bread, chicken, loads of salad, some salt & pepper. Only... it was the size of TWO sandwiches. So I ate half, took note that I felt quite full enough, and wrapped the other half up to eat later. That was two hours ago, and I'm not the least bit hungry yet.

I've often employed the take-it-home-for-later tactic when eating out. Or just thrown the unwanted portion in the bin. It took me a while to get past my dislike of wastage. But I figure that if I eat more food than my body needs, then it's still a waste. And I'll only end up wearing it around my waist.


Raechelle said...

haha-smart woman! Why do they serve soooo much food these days? It's crazy. Even to have a little sinful treat-it's hard to just find one tiny little cupcake or muffin-they are bloody huge-which is why I never have them unless I make them myself. :-)
And lucky to have a job that you can just take time off for a "refresher". I think more jobs should be like that-maybe people would put in a lot better performance if they knew they could do that once in a while rather than only for a very pre-planned vacation.

Sara said...

You just need to look at the size of your Grandma's old plates (everyone has some of those, right?) to know how much larger a 'serving' is than it used to be.

Kek said...

Well, I don't know about everyone, but I certainly have some of Grandma's old plates. And yes, they're WAY smaller.

Wine glasses have gotten bigger too, I'm sure. Coffee mugs as well. I guess it all helps explain why our collective arses are getting bigger.

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