Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My week

Not much time for blogging here at the moment, I'm kind of busy. Here's a brief summary of my week so far:

- Training is going super-well. I'm improving in leaps and bounds. Yay! This morning I smashed out a tough 30 minutes on my nemesis, the elliptical. :)

- Weight is dropping, although there are the usual ups and downs along the way. I'm happily weighing daily and not the least bit fazed (no, the word is NOT "phased", people!) by the odd upward spike.

- I'm enjoying some new kitchen creations - most of them Bike Boy's. I love trying new recipes! I should have a few to share soon.

- My GP's receptionist rang me on Monday (uh-oh) to ask me to come see the doc again. Seems I'm low on Vitamin D. Along with half of the population of Melbourne. I'm not sure that I can do much about that other than supplement, as I get outdoors almost every day at lunchtime to soak up what sun there is. I guess I'll know more when I see the doc on Friday.

I'm hanging out for the weekend, as usual, but being busy and having the time fly by is a good thing in that respect. Only 11 weeks till we fly off to warmer parts. I'm sure the time will go quickly. :)

Gotta fly! Be good...

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