Tuesday, August 23, 2011

New challenge

This week I'm facing a challenge of the technological kind. Bike Boy got himself a new iMac on the weekend, and given that I've battled with and sworn at my Toshiba notebook since the day I bought it, offered me his old Macbook. I jumped at the chance, but of course that means learning to navigate my way around a whole different operating system. My brain hurt at the mere idea...

So far, it's been far easier than I expected, although moving all my email files across proved more difficult than it ought to have been (damn you, Outlook!) and has taken up a fair chunk of time. Consequently, I've had little time to spend online.

I also have to complete a couple of minor tasks to satisfy the requirements for re-registration with Fitness Australia, which is due very shortly. Plus Bike Boy is off interstate somewhere again (Sydney? Canberra? Um...), leaving me in charge of domestic organisation for the next few days. Never a good idea... And all of that's on top of daily training, work, evening client sessions and an osteopath appointment.

So if you don't see me around for a bit, don't worry. It's all good, just a little bit frantic. :)

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Cherub said...

I got a mac recently. I'm so glad my 12 year old son is a whiz on his (and therefore mine)!

Torn now over whether his moody self needs to move out or stay home forever to do my mac stuff!

haha word verification dishes (actually dishies) but dishes goes with your post better

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