Thursday, August 25, 2011

Ninja style

Yesterday I rummaged through the wardrobe, looking for something to wear to my day job as a government ninja assassin. It was a gorgeous sunny day, and on a whim, I bypassed my usual pants-and-shirt combo and reached for a dress instead.

It's almost exactly like this one, except with a wider belt. And I didn't pay the equivalent of $70 for it, because, being a cheap-arse, I discovered it amongst the $19 bargains at K Mart:

I added my favourite black fake snakeskin shoes with silver buckles, and thought I was rocking the corporate look. Within five minutes of arriving at work, I had received no less than six compliments on my outfit. And every single one of those compliments was along the lines of: You look very nice today. Are you going out somewhere?

They might as well have said: You look very nice today; not like your usual scruffy style.

I think it's time I went shopping...


Cherub said...


Sara said...

That's like when someone comes in and says 'it looks different in here, did you clean or something?'

Kathryn said...

They are all thinking you are looking for another job now.

Unknown said...

hahaha- it's a bit like someone saying - 'you've lost weight' and yourself thinking- they must have thought I looked like the side of a house before!!
Perhaps they meant- you always look nice, but today you looked more dressed up!
It looks good!

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