Friday, August 12, 2011


This week I've felt as though I've been running from one thing to another, with no time for myself. In the evenings, I've snatched maybe an hour on the couch with Bike Boy, catching up on some Deadwood, but other than that, it's felt like work, training, work, household tasks, work and work.

Yesterday afternoon I was feeling exhausted (again) and contemplating the logistics of my looming physio and osteo appointments and a client session, when I received a message from an eBay seller wanting to tee up collection of my item in a few hours. O_O That was it - my entire evening was full and there would be no "me time" at all.

So I did what all good public servants do in such a situation: I arranged to take today off. :)

Today I slept till 7:00, dropped The Baby at school, saw my GP, picked up a few things at the supermarket and was home again by 10:30am. I did some washing, lounged around a bit and then took myself off for a nap. Now I'm doing a bit of a tidy-up, then getting organised for a big session at the gym - two cardio classes back to back.

I'll be home just after 8:00pm and intend to park myself on the couch and do nothing for the rest of the night.

Sometimes you just need to recharge your batteries.


Cherub said...

Sometimes you do! How'd you go with the Vitamin D? A trip to the sun (with suncream of course) or supps?

Unknown said...

It's so good and necessary to have a 'catch up' day.

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