Saturday, August 20, 2011

Still standing

Well, I survived Bodypump (as I knew I would), although I suspect that tomorrow will bring a nasty case of DOMS. My RPM class should be heaps of fun. O_O

The time passed really quickly and whilst it was challenging, there wasn't a single moment where I doubted myself. I was sensible and kept my weights moderate and on Coach's orders, just held a plate to my chest for squats and lunges instead of putting the bar on my shoulders. My back behaved quite well throughout, with me furiously concentrating on maintaining neutral pelvis the whole time. I think that was more exhausting than the lifting.


We're having some early Spring weather today, and I'd love to go sit in the sunshine and read a book this afternoon. Unfortunately the cleaning around here has been seriously neglected lately, so I'm resigned to spending a few hours tidying, scrubbing and generally obliterating dirt.

I'd rather have a nap....

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