Sunday, September 04, 2011

Fathers' Day

It's just over two years since I lost my Dad, and I'm missing him especially today. Luckily though, I have Bike Boy to make a fuss of. He's a wonderful father to our three boys, and I love that he has such a great relationship with them all.

As the boys get older, getting everyone together at the same time for a family celebration is becoming more and more of a challenge. None of the kids are up much before midday on a normal weekend anyway, and this particular weekend, Number One Son is away on a buck's weekend and The Middle Child is staying at his girlfriend's house. So once again, the logical solution was to organise a Sunday afternoon tea. Bike Boy loves my scones, and if I add some ribbon sandwiches, it substitutes as lunch for my slackarse kids.

If you're spending any part of today with your Dad, Grandad, or husband, have a lovely day and be sure and tell them how much you love them.


Sara said...

Thinking of you today XX. I went over to give my grandad and Jases dad a hug. Apart from that it's kind of weird, I don't know what to do about my own father. I 'know' him now, but it's weird to say 'happy fathers day' when he was never really a father to me. Seems mean not to acknowledge it, but fake if I do... (dilemma..)

Kek said...

Nope, not mean at all. I don't bother with Fathers Day recognition of my biological father either, although I'm happy enough to hang out with him on the rare occasion he visits from interstate.

A father has to be there for you, and willingly do the not-so-fun stuff (late night hospital runs, wiping away your tears when a boy breaks your heart, dishing out discipline when you muck up) as well as the occasional zoo trip or ice cream date. So my heart belongs firmly to the man who filled that role.

I'm glad you had some fatherly men to hug anyway.


Raechelle said...

Looks like a fabulous spread! It was already father's day in the states in June..funny how mother's day is the same as here, but Dad's day is different.

side note-I don't know my biological father either-have met the mom but she wasn't even sure who the dad was! I love my mom and dad raised me-they are my parents.

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