Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Hello hump day!

This week is considerably less jam-packed and crazy than the last one, but I'm still short on time and short on sleep. Boo! So I'm unusually pleased to be saying hello to Wednesday - that means I only have to get through today and tomorrow before a lovely long weekend, since I'm once again taking Friday off.

We have a Big Event happening on Saturday to celebrate Bike Boy's half-century (which he's completely in denial about), so I need the extra day to finish get started on the arrangements. There are specially ordered cakes to pick up, other party food to shop for, a bit of cooking, plus a LOT of cleaning to do around here.

Meanwhile, I have to get through a full-day, boring and utter-waste-of-time conference today. Given my current sleep issues, I can't afford to guzzle coffee all day to stay awake, so my strategy is to find a nice quiet spot near the back of the room where my nodding head and gentle snores will be less noticeable. Let's hope.

On the positive side, this week has been excellent on the training and nutrition front, and in spite of my lack of sleep and crazy hormones, I'm feeling quite sane and not too stressed. Unlike the weekend just gone, which we won't dwell on...

Right, I'm outta here. Have a good one!

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