Friday, September 02, 2011

Horses for courses

I'm often bemused by the way different people choose to eat. Giving up this or that for other than health reasons just doesn't compute with me. There are things I prefer not to eat, but only because they make me feel like crap, or because they're made up entirely of crap.

For instance, I don't eat a lot of wheat because it makes my digestive system unhappy. Things like sugar or alcohol in large amounts are (obviously) bad for my health. And your average takeaway, donuts, mass-produced cakes or packaged snacks are in general made up of things that don't even resemble real food. Other than that, I'm not a fussy eater. If I came to your place for dinner, you could pretty much serve me anything and I'd eat it.

My view is that we are meant to be omnivores - our teeth, digestive systems and our bodies' nutrient requirements all point to that conclusion. But whatever... if other folks have ethical objections to eating animals, or simply don't like the taste of meat, what do I care? All the more for me. As for those who think that meat causes cancer, or that carbs make you fat, or that cooking food is the devil's work, well, as long as they're happy with their choices, I don't give a bugger. Each to his or her own, as long as they don't preach to me.

All that aside, I'm more than happy to try new stuff, and enjoy the occasional vegetarian or vegan meal. One of my all-time favourite recipe creations is my chick pea burgers. I haven't made them for ages because Bike Boy isn't a fan of chick peas, but I'm going to whip some up very soon and blog the recipe. And thanks to Sara's recent ice cream experiment, I Googled and have come across some fabulous recipes for sweet mousses using avocado and I'm all set to give those a try.

I'm trying to broaden my food horizons, and some of my inspiration has come from food blogs I stumbled across that in the past I may not have given a second glance. Like this mango and chocolate concoction from Girl on Raw. Then I found this rich-looking choc mousse over at Girl Gone Primal - I'm so making that one! I also love the sound of this avocado mousse with strawberry puree from Jeanette's Healthy Living.

My lesson of the week is this: Even if I'm totally at odds with someone's viewpoint when it comes to nutrition or other lifestyle choices, there's almost always something I can learn from them.


Raechelle said...

Those all look so delish-yummo. You know, I've seen mousses w/avocado-but just can't wrap my head around it for some reason. Can't wait to see what you come up with-then I might be ready to give it a go! :-)
And yes, live and let live, eat and let eat. And be sure to share all recipes along the way-we can weed out what we want-(and occasionally keep a weed or 2 as they can be yummy as well!) :-)

Raechelle said...

PS-thanks for the new blogs to check out! Of course, it's not like I didn't have enough to look through all ready...LOL but really, when it comes to food blogs, there really is never too many, hey!

Debstar said...

I believe that cooking food is the devil's work, however I have no problem with someone else cooking the food and feeding it to me. hehehe

Can you actually taste the avocado in these recipes, maybe just a little bit? I detest avocado and wouldn't make it if I thought I would detect its taste.

Kek said...

I'll let you know, Deb. I plan to try a version tonight. Unless I'm comatose after my second training session of the day...

Magda said...

Really well written Kek. I read about the raw food phenomenon and think "yeah that all sounds great" but the thought of eating cold (raw) food through an Adelaide winter is enough to drive me straight to a pastie or someting deep fried for lunch LOL.

Liz N said...

Actually girls I have had fruit salad with avocado in it - tastes really good - go figure!

Charlotte Orr said...

Hi Kek,

This choc mousse with avo and banana is yummy:

Cheers, Charlotte

Kek said...

Thanks, Charlotte! I added my frozen choc mousse to a small banana last night and it was pretty good. I obviously just used way too much avocado in the first place.


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