Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thank God it's... Thursday?

This morning I've overslept, missed my box fit class, can't get 80% of web pages to load because the kids have burned through our entire month's download quota in only 15 days and my neck is killing me. But I'm not letting any of that bring me down, because it's the end of the working week for me. Yippee!

Besides, I figure I needed the extra hour's sleep, I can do some training tonight or switch my rest day (haven't decided yet), I can always commandeer the wireless modem for net surfing, and my physio can straighten out my neck at my session this afternoon.

Also, it's Bike Boy's 50th birthday today (Happy birthday, Baby! xx) AND the sun's shining.

Have a GREAT day!


Debstar said...

Yay for sunshine.

Happy Birthday to Bike Boy.
muuuaaah (that's a birthday kiss BTW)

Raechelle said...

Happy Birthday to a fellow Virgo! It's my mum's birthday the 15th too. And yes, big hurrah for sunshine; it's been gorgeous here as well.

Sara said...

You may consider temporarily raising the traffic limit. We once went over ours when we.. er... went crazy downloading stuff and a quick call to the ISP got us back up to speed for the rest of the month. It cost a one off of $20 or something.

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