Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Traps for the unwary blogger

As I've mentioned, there's some blog re-vamping going on here, with a whole new look and some other changes too. All will be revealed shortly. Ish.

Meanwhile, I'm trying to brush up my very rudimentary technical skills so that I can revamp my other blogs myself, and (fingers crossed) eventually DIY a long-overdue website overhaul. Working with a Mac does make many things a lot easier...

I've begun with some easy stuff, just playing around with templates - if you've visited my food blog in the past couple of days, you may have noticed some changes over there. It's far from the finished product; just the start of my self-taught crash course in bloggy stuff.

The point of this post though, is to warn anyone else who might be playing around with free templates (other than those provided by their blogging platform). I found a cracker of a template online, just about perfect for my needs. It had the look and the colours I wanted, plus tabs, slideshow banner and all manner of fancy-pants features. So I downloaded and installed it, then played around with widget placement and so on, and it was looking GREAT.

Then I noticed the tiny fine print at the bottom. You know, the bit that says "Template by Tom The Template Tinkerer" or whatever. Amongst the text in the credits was a series of links, apparently for v1@gr@, used cars and real estate. O_O Not exactly the kind of ads I want my recipes to be associated with.

It's a good thing I saved the original template, so it was an easy job to just put things back the way they were. I'll keep looking for the perfect template, but from now on, I'll be checking all the fine print very carefully.


Raechelle said...

The new food blog looks nice...I like it! :-)

Magda said...


Sara said...

Sanaworld needs a revamp but I've made so many customisations to it that I'm scared to try doing ANYTHING like update to a new template. I don't even remember where I saved the banner... Good Food looks awesome and I am noticing little improvements on this blog too.

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