Thursday, October 27, 2011

Anyone got a snorkel?

We're leaving for the airport in a few hours, heading off on our big holiday to Thailand, which we planned way back in May. Two lovely weeks of heat, Thai food, exotic sights and lounging by pools... WITH NO KIDS.

The last holiday that we had, other than the odd long weekend, was back in 2002 - that was the first time we visited Thailand, with three rug rats in tow. (FYI: I don't recommend 9 hour flights or hot, smelly foreign cities with a tribe of young 'uns.) So we've been hanging out for October to arrive. Excited, much?

Of course, Mother Nature chose this year to send down the worst monsoons Thailand has seen in fifty years, causing major flooding in Bangkok, which is peaking RIGHT NOW.

Source - Sydney Morning Herald
We were booked into a lovely hotel in Bangkok, right on the river. Uh...maybe not such a great idea, under the circumstances. The major international airport is still operating, but Qantas is now advising Australian travellers to avoid Bangkok. So yesterday we did a quick search on the internet and made a snap decision to head straight from the airport to Pattaya instead.

The Chiang Mai and Krabi legs of our trip are still on - those areas are unaffected, luckily.

We're disappointed about missing some of the sights we'd planned in and around Bangkok, but at least we won't be eaten by a crocodile. That would seriously spoil my holiday.



Liz@LastChanceTraining said...

That's really rotten luck! I hope you do enjoy Pattaya though and the sun is shining!

I thought the reference was to what it's like after doing a session with Coach Troy. he he

Kek said...

Ha! More likely a session with "Liz Mills". Talk about sweaty!

We're disappointed about some things we won't get to see and do, but Pattaya offers a whole range of new experiences. Some of them not even involving ping-pong balls. O_O

I was stressed out yesterday, but now that we're at Melbourne airport and checked in, I'm fine. We're just going with the flow - holidays, yeah! :)

Debstar said...

Just think of the stories you could tell your grandchildren if you lost a limb or two to a crocodile.

Does this mean you are going to miss out on Melbourne Cup and Ladies Day?

Kek said...

Yes, it does, Deb! I KNOW!! First time I've missed The Oaks in 18 years. :(

If I think of it, I might place a bet online.

Debstar said...

I reckon you should spend the day wearing a fascinator or at the very least, an unberella from one of your fancy drinks.

Charlotte Orr said...

Have a great time! Look forward to hearing all about it.

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