Monday, October 24, 2011

Around the block

Ever since I was a kid, Block Arcade has been one of my favourite spots in Melbourne. So since we were right next door at the Novotel on Friday for the Problogger event, AND I had my camera with me, I grabbed the chance to go for a wander through at lunchtime and take some quick shots.

So while I'm in Brisbane, I give you: a little bit of Melbourne....

Collins St entrance:

Note the folks queued behind the velvet ropes for lunch at the Hopetoun Tea Rooms:

The original ornate mosaic floors:

The incredibly unimpressive Little Collins St entrance....

...but there are treasures beyond if you venture in:



Vicki said...

I love just wandering around Melbourne to see these places .. shame I don't get there often :(

Sara said...

In that arcade (with the mosaics) there is/was a little Italian coffee shop that did the BEST espresso for tourists with a hangover.. is it still there.. can't remember the name.. something beginning with 'M'.

Kek said...

@Fit Mum: The arcades and lanes are some of my favourite spots. Would have stopped for a coffee in Degraves St on the way from Flinders St station, but didn't have time.

@Sara: I have no idea...the only one I can see listed in directories apart from the Hopetoun Tearooms is Cafe Duomo. There's always good coffee in Melbourne though. Next time you come over, we could go on a taste-testing expedition. ;)

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