Friday, October 07, 2011


It's now less than three weeks until we head off to Thailand. We're a little bit excited about a two-week holiday with NO KIDS.

I still have to organise a few minor details, but we have our bookings all locked in. So we'll be spending a bit of time here:

We'll eat street food, visit temples, sightsee around Chinatown and do a day trip to the infamous bridge on the river Kwai.

Next we fly off to here:

Chiang Mai
The plan is to shop, eat, shop some more, and probably do a trip out to Wat Prathap Doi Suthep. We're very casual about this trip - we'll decide what to do when we get there.

Then it's off for a lovely relaxing week here:

With plenty of lounging around here:

If we feel energetic, we can always go sea kayaking or rock climbing, or take a day trip out to Koh Phi Phi or some other islands. Meh. I might just spend the whole time on one of those sun lounges.

Then it's back to Bankgok for a final night before we head home. The last (and only) time we visited beautiful Thailand, back in 2002, we had three rugrats in tow. That was a less than ideal experience, punctuated with whinging and moaning and stops at fast food restaurants to appease the fussy little buggers. This time, it's all about the grown-ups. :)

And I'm cramming in a weekend trip to Brisbane to visit with Miss Liz before I depart for overseas. Jet-setter that I am. It sure beats working....



Magda said...

Wow what an awesome sounding holiday. AND no kids ... BLISS!!!

Liz@LastChanceTraining said...

Me like!

Kek said...

Cannot. Wait!

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