Thursday, October 27, 2011

FAIL, Jetstar!

Although this plane is plastered with Jetstar's name, and is owned, serviced and maintained by Jetstar, IT'S NOT THEIR FAULT THAT IT DOESN'T FREAKING WORK!!!

Dear Jetstar,

We had a contract. We agreed to pay you money, in exchange for which you agreed to fly us to Bangkok on a specified date at a specified time. We have upheld our part of the deal - we paid you, and we arrived at the airport on time for our flight. You have failed to complete your part of the contract, and you somehow believe that $55 is adequate compensation for the following:

- Two extra taxi fares (to and from the airport): $116
- One night's accommodation paid for and unused: $79
- Assorted food and drinks required during the six hours you kept us waiting with no information on what was happening and no option to go home earlier - $14.50

Therefore your offer is $154.50 short, by my calculations.

If we had turned up even five minutes after the cut-off time for check-in, you would have refused to fly us and kept our entire fare. You're now running nineteen hours late, and yet you don't feel responsible in any way. You believe that aircraft mechanical problems are "outside your control". Seriously?

The aircraft is part of your fleet, run and maintained by you or your contractors - so whose responsibility is it?

And just quietly, you need to train your staff better. Frequent updates, apologies and a whole lot of common courtesy are not extras - they are what your customers deserve.

No wonder someone has gone to so much trouble to create DontFlyJetstar.


Honestly, we're really pissed off that we've lost a day of our holiday. But we're more pissed off at the poor service we've experienced. How hard is it to keep your customers informed?

I really feel for the poor folks who spent half the day in the departure area, especially those with little kids, or who needed to catch a connecting flight. At least we were lucky enough to be able to make use of Bike Boy's Qantas Club membership, so we waited in comfort with food, drinks, cushioned seating, wifi and power for our gadgets.

Let's hope tomorrow doesn't bring any more debacles.



Unknown said...

Miss Miss K

I hope all goes smoothly for you tomorrow and the pina colada you will be holding in your hand soon will help soothe the ridiculous treatment you have had to deal with.

take care and relax soon

loulou, from hereiamloulou blog


Liz@LastChanceTraining said...

You poor thing. I'm sorry and completely understand!

Debstar said...

How disappointing. There's a reason Jetstar is commonly referred to as Disastar. I wouldn't suggest you switch over to Qantas right at the moment.

Miss Positive said...

Not good! Fingers crossed you get away on your holiday soon.

Magda said...

A few years ago Peter was organising a holiday for my (older) parents and hoping to fly them with Jetstar to the Sunshine Coast. Yep, total lack of care about customers, poor customer service and a "we cant do attitude" has left us determined to NEVER fly that airline no matter how cheap their fares are. Our opinion: "F*** O*** Jetstar. you suck."

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