Saturday, October 01, 2011

Food for fit bodies

If you're a fan of my food blog, it's moved to a custom domain and a new blogging platform. But don't worry - if I've done it correctly, the transition should be seamless and any existing bookmarks or RSS feeds should automatically forward to the new site. Talk about a crash course in technology!

I have some more work to do before it's complete (yes, I know I haven't finished all the pages on THIS blog yet...I'm getting to it!) but it's functional and all the recipes are there. You can find it over at

I'll aim to finish off both blogs before I move onto my next project, which is redesigning my business website and moving my web hosting. I plan to recruit Katrina's skills once again for some fancy-schmancy bits and pieces, but do the grunt work myself with the help of WordPress.

Can I do it? Let's hope so....



Sara said...

You DID it! I hope that didn't require too much chocolate munching to get your brain going!

Kek said...

I did, didn't I? :D

It was pretty easy, actually. Having a good web host made it a relatively stress-free process. I'm building my sidebar at the moment and should have it finished today. Then I suppose I ought to complete my blank pages over here...

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