Monday, October 17, 2011

Hello? Is there anybody in there?

Yesterday was an interesting day. Well, at least it might have been interesting if you were a psychologist observing me. I can only describe the way I felt as more than a little bit stabby.

Honestly, I wanted to kill someone. Just about anyone would have done. The uncontrolled feral kids at the supermarket, flinging themselves in front of my trolley (oh, do NOT tempt me!); the bogan parents ignoring said rampaging offspring; the suicidal drivers attempting to pull out from side streets in front of me when I'm travelling at close to 80kph; the sales staff in the teen clothing chain shop who insist on having their utterly crap music turned up to MAKE-MY-HEAD-IMPLODE level; the checkout chick having an in-depth conversation with the customer in front of me about her last holiday when I'M FREAKING WAITING TO BE SERVED; or any member of my family who speaks at the wrong moment. Which would be pretty much any moment.

It's not a hell of a lot of fun when you turn your head and there's a 2-3 second delay before your brain follows. I spent the day confused, off-balance and unable to recall WORDS. Um, what are those things you use so as not to burn your hands when you grab a hot dish from the oven? And those kind of hand-like things on the end of your legs? Yeah, it was that bad...

In the afternoon I took The Baby on urgent clothes shopping business, with the intention of popping into the supermarket to buy some dishcloths while we were out. As we were about to leave the house, I couldn't recall what it was I wanted to buy. I asked Bike Boy: What was it we needed from the supermarket? After completing our necessary business (translation: The Baby tried stuff on, and I pulled out my credit card to pay for his cool new gear), I said: Right. Now we just need to go to the supermarket and once again drew a blank. My helpful son looked at me, rolled his eyes and shrugged, then went back to texting his girlfriend. I took a few breaths, rummaged around in the back of my half-functioning brain, and remembered: DISHCLOTHS! By the time we'd walked around the corner to Woolies, literally two minutes later, I'd forgotten again. O_o

Somehow though, I got the ironing done, the floors mopped, whipped up a batch of brownies and laboriously created social media buttons for my house blog sidebar.

WTF? How is it that my brain can download, unzip, upload, copy file url, write html code and post it all in a widget that works, but I can't remember to buy f*cking DISHCLOTHS???

I may just stay in bed today.



Maryanne said...

I hope you have a better day today! :-)

Kek said...

Thanks, MA... I actually gave up on trying to work this afternoon and sent myself home after lunch. Just chilling now...


Magda said...

LOL and LOL again :-)

Kek said...

Well, even if I feel like crap, at least I've amused Magda. My work here is done.

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