Wednesday, October 19, 2011

It's not hump day here...

Yes, it's Wednesday today, but it's the LAST DAY OF MY WORKING WEEK. For almost four weeks.

*grins madly* *happy dances around the room* *gets dizzy*

I have nothing but trivia for you today, so here goes:

- I got a new "do" last night, a bit less blonde this time and shorter than I've been for a while. You may get to see a photo, but not this morning. Bed hair, you know...

- The head spins have eased off and I'm feeling almost normal again.

- It's going to be a ripping day here in beautiful Melbourne - 28C, so the BoM tells us.  :))

- I have a few things to finish off at work, but nothing too difficult, and plan to be walking out the door at exactly 4:51 (I know, what's with that crazy official knock-off time?) this afternoon feeling relaxed and ready for holidays.

- I have no idea about the original source of this; it's been floating around on Facebook, but I loved it and had to share:


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Unknown said...

Hi there Kerryn

checking in with you to say hi - have a great day and I love the glass on your post. I have a cupboard full of those (thank goodness ) :)

x loulou

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