Saturday, October 15, 2011

Medicine for the soul

I don't know about you, but I love to read for a while most nights before I go to sleep. One of my favourite things in the world is to snuggle up in bed with umpteen pillows and something to read.

So of course, it's important to have a good selection of reading material handy to suit whatever mood I might be in on a given night. Sometimes I want a great piece of fiction, sometimes I'm desperate to learn more about nutrition, anatomy, or the current fads in fitness, sometimes I want to brush up on something technical, and sometimes I feel like just flicking through a few magazines.

This is my current bedside collection:

On my bedside table....

Wordpress for Dummies (I'm so glad I bought this one - my recipe blog might still be languishing in limbo somewhere without it); one of my favourite inspirational reads: Randy Pausch's The Last Lecture; and of course my trusty Kindle, which currently has 40+ titles loaded. Hey, I like to have plenty of choice. Right now, I'm reading the electronic version of High Fidelity.

On the floor next to the bed, I have this pile of magazines:

These are mostly homemaker mags plus a few recipe titles. Home Beautiful, Real Living, Good Taste, Delicious, Better Homes & Gardens. And there seems to be an IKEA catalogue and the local real estate publication amongst them. Who doesn't plan their shopping expeditions and keep an eye on house prices in the neighbourhood, from the comfort of their bed? Hmm?

In the corner next to my bedside table, I have this basket full of magazines. More food and home mags, plus the odd fitness mag. Although I'm a bit over the available options in that genre at the moment, so I rarely buy any these days.

Next to that is some slightly heavier going:

You never know when you might NEED to know the name of that muscle around there, or which bone connects to which tendon. (Actually, these belong to lovely Melissa, my osteopath. Must get them back to her...)

And there's yet another pile on the floor next to those. Travel brochures and I think there's a Lonely Planet guide buried under there somewhere:

I've been doing some planning for our upcoming holiday. Although, even when I'm not actually going anywhere, I still love to read travel books and brochures about places I might go one day. :)

Do you prefer to be entertained or educated, or are you like me and swing from one to the other, depending on the moment? I'd love to see what others are reading - if you have a blog, how about posting some photos? Or just leave me a comment. I'm always on the lookout for new titles, even if I do have enough at the moment to keep me going until approximately 2013.


*My post title is from the inscription over the door of the library at Thebes, in Egypt, which apparently says: Libraries: The medicine chest of the soul


Magda said...

Kerryn, I love love love and need need need to read at bedtime to switch off before I can sleep. But 99% of the time I choose mindless drivel. Right now I'm nearly through French Women Dont Get Fat and will have some priceless advice to pass on from this gem shortly.


Kek said...

I read the sequel, and can't say I'm a fan - way too preachy and "my way is the only way" for my liking.

Especially the crap about how stupid exercise is... I wanted to give the author a damn good slapping.

Magda said...

Errr I found her advice on exercise laughable as well. There were a couple of priceless snippets of (???) advice that made me cringe, then laugh too.

Debstar said...

I have no time for reading in bed 'cause I'm too busy sleeping. I find that if I do try to read in bed I can not get comfortable.

Kek said...

Deb, you're just not trying hard enough. LOL. I could spend hours in bed...

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