Monday, October 24, 2011


I have broad tastes when it comes to food; there are few things I won't eat. Apart from offall, I can't think of anything that I'd flat-out refuse. There are a few things I would prefer not to eat, but if they were served up to me, I'd eat them anyway. (Maca brownies, anyone?)

Today I met my match though. Liz and I had lunch at a Japanese restaurant, Edamame, in St Lucia. I ordered the spicy squid salad, and it arrived looking and smelling delish. Which it was. Only.... it contained a small amount of calamari rings, and a lot of baby octopus. Whole baby octopus. With their freaking heads on.

Oy! Stop staring at me!

I tried, I really did. It wasn't the taste, or even the slightly rubbery texture. I just could not come at eating a tentacled critter with its head on.

Yes, I was a pussy about eating octopus(y).



Unknown said...

kerryn- I've never seen anything so revolting! How anyone could possibly contemplate eating that is beyond me. You go even further up in my estimation for thinking of possibly eating it!!!

Magda said...

Haha too funny. You'd cringe at some of the things I've eaten thanks to my traditional Hungarian upbringing LOL.

Kathryn said...

At least it wasn't "dancing" octopus... they call it that when it's still alive when it's cooked. I guess because "flailing death throes" octopus just doesn't sound as appetising.

And no, I have never tried it.

Kek said...

Oh Linda, I've eaten octopus many times at Italian restaurants - it's usually in marinara mix. But it's not a whole animal, staring back at you!

Magda, I think I really prefer not to know...

Kathryn, I might have trouble living in Japan - they do seem to have some cruel tendencies when it comes to their food.

Sara said...

Yup. My appetite is pretty robust but some things do scare it away and that would have done it. In Singapore I couldn't eat my food just because we were seated next to the 'crab bin', where giant crabs are stored, alive, with their pincers taped up. I couldn't handle it. Hipocracy? Yes, defnitely.

Kek said...

Yeah, I'm a hypocrite too when it comes to food. I have no qualms about eating lamb or veal, even though the animals look cute frolicking in the paddocks around here.

The thing is, they're not frolicking next to my plate, while I'm eating.

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