Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My Big Five Good Things

I'm sick of whinging, ranting, and generally being a pain in everyone's butt, so today I thought I'd change the subject and write a quick roundup of what I'm up to this week. Other than feeling like someone's been doing this:

That brain picture is making me feel nauseous, and it's only a black & white drawing. Good thing I didn't choose a colour image to play photo-editing with.

Anyway, back to not-whinging.... And a quick explanation of my post title: Way back in my days as a bank manager, we used to hold these annoying daily sales meetings, and once a week or so we'd use the "Big Five" method to come up with the best cross-selling scripts, the best answers to sales objections, or ways to GET MORE BUSINESS...MORE MONEY, MORE, MORE MORE!!! (You probably get the gist of why I left the greedy, soulless banking industry...) Basically, we'd brainstorm every idea we could think of on whatever lame topic we were assigned, and then choose the five best - our "Big Five".

It's actually a really useful technique for coming up with good ideas, and I still use it sometimes. I just brainstormed every single good thing that's happened or is going to this week, and picked out the best. So I give you my Big Five Good Things:

1. I made labna. Thanks to an idea from LouLou, who blogs over at Here I Am LouLou, I dumped 500g of thick yoghurt into a sieve lined with a brand new Chux, left it in the fridge overnight, and voila! Yummy yoghurt cheese! I've yet to add herbs, spices, lemon zest or nuts to it, but it's in the fridge, all ready for me to get fancy with it.

2. I also made "special" brownies. No, not that kind of "special". These brownies had maca added to the mix. I can't say it was a huge success - my recipe needs some adjusting so that the taste of the maca isn't overpowering. I'll still eat them; they're not awful....just not fabulous, so not blog fodder. I'll make some changes and give it another go, perhaps in the next day or two.

3. I tidied up my wardrobe on the weekend, and decided that you know, those two dresses, four pairs of shoes and assorted other things that I've never worn? I'm never GOING to wear them. So I've laboriously photographed them, written descriptions and I have them all ready to flog off on eBay. A little extra cash never goes astray. :)

4. On Thursday I'll be heading out to the airport to pick up Liz, who's going to be my guest here overnight. I think we're going to invade the Lululemon factory outlet in Collingwood in the afternoon, and *somebody* was making noises about lunch at Brunetti as well. I do love a girly day of shopping and lunching.

5. On Friday we'll be off early to head into the city for the Problogger training day. We're planning to not only pick up heaps of tips and tricks for improving our blogging, but also to meet lots of other lovely bloggers as well. Can't wait for that!

6. (No, I can't count. Shut UP!) The minute the PB event finishes, we'll be flying out the door to grab a cab to the airport, as I'm heading back to Brisbane with Liz for the weekend. I'm looking forward to a bit of Queensland warmth, so please weather gods, don't disappoint me!

Only two more days of work to get through, then the fun begins!


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