Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Some days you should just stay in bed

Yesterday was a wee bit irritating. First up, the transition to daylight saving always throws my body clock out, meaning I struggled to get out of bed and then dragged my feet all day. Good thing I had the day off.

Then I had major technical problems with my food blog - it was working fine the previous night, but yesterday morning *poof!* it had vanished. I have no idea what's wrong, and even Bike Boy can't see a problem in my watchamacallit html and php thingies. Cue major aggravation.

Then, the kids and I headed into the city by train for our six-monthly dentist appointment. That all went well, nobody needed any work done; so just a check and a clean and we were on our way again. But on our way through the barriers at Parliament station, I was chomped by what the Baby always refers to as The Jaws of Death:

You know, those automatic yellow barriers, that fly open when you touch on your Myki (or insert your Metcard if you're old-fashioned), then close behind you after you pass through. Except this time, they opened, I stepped forward, and WHAM! - they smashed closed on me, with the pointy bit causing a nasty bruise on my hip.


And when we got home, my blog was still broken.

The one redeeming factor - apart from no dental work being required - was that I won a Facebook contest! I get a free photo shoot and a couple of 8 x 10s from Simple Image Photography, who happen to be right in my neighbourhood. Perfect, since I was planning to get some casual portraits of the kids done.

Maybe it was worth getting out of bed after all.



Anonymous said...

i do hope you cheered up with 12 glasses of wine kekie!

Kek said...

The thought crossed my mind. ;)

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