Monday, October 03, 2011

Your assistance required!

Liz has pointed out a couple of bugs on this site and I'm attempting to fix them but am having a wee bit of difficulty... So I'm asking readers to take a minute and test some things for me, pretty please?

1. Followers - if you're not already a follower, would you please click on my button - the one over there on the sidebar that says Join this site? Then leave me a comment and let me know if you have any issues. It works fine for me, and I just need to know if anyone else is having problems with it...

2. Comments. My permissions are set to Registered Users - includes OpenID. I have an OpenID account, and it's great for commenting on various sites across the net, without having to create an account for each. If you DON'T have a Blogger account, would you see if you can leave me a comment....?

The only more liberal setting is Anyone - includes anonymous users, and I've deliberately not gone there. I may have to just risk the spam deluge. I'm not sure what to do with this one... Suggestions?



Maryanne said...

Hi Kerryn,

I juts joined as a follower and I have left this comment so I hope it works.

I had no trouble becoming a follower and This appears to be working too


Kek said...

Thanks Maryanne! All OK so far.... :0

Debstar said...

Kek, After following you, for goodness knows how long, I am now officially a follower too. I too had now trouble becoming a follower.

Liz@LastChanceTraining said...

Let's try again

Sara said...

I don't see a 'join this site' button at all! Am I losing my mind?

Kek said...

Yes, Sara, you ARE losing your mind. ;)

Actually it seems to be an intermittent thing on my computer - sometimes the widget is there, ands sometimes I have to refresh my browser to get it to display.

Thanks Deb! :)

Unknown said...

well... I joined you as a follower- but I seem to be the only one - at least from what I can see!

Kek said...

Thanks Linda; you're follower #95 - I have no idea why you can't see the other 94 followers. LOL

Kek said...

Liz, your comment was hiding in my moderation queue, but Blogger didn't send me an email notification to tell me it was there. I got an email for everyone else's comments.

Perhaps they're miffed that you're closing your old account. ;)

Magda said...

Yep no problems for me (although I think I was a follower from way back).


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