Friday, November 04, 2011

Adventures in Thailand

We made it to Railay Bay in Krabi province yesterday, although not without a few hiccups. It effectively took us twelve freaking hours from leaving our hotel in Chiang Mai to checking in here. 

Was it worth it? You be the judge:
Sunset as we left Ao Nang by longtail boat

The famous towering limestone cliffs of Railay Bay (western beach), taken this morning while eating breakfast

The only way to get here is by boat - the promontory is inaccessible by land. 
On top of the long trip, we had some issues with our accommodation - the room was just not nice, mainly in terms of location. It was noisy all day and all night, thanks to being right next to two main thoroughfares and a neighbouring hotel's restaurant. It was also miles from our hotel's facilities (pools, bars, restaurant, spa) and the western beach. Plus it faced the eastern beach, which is all smelly mangrove swamp and has motorised boats coming and going all day and night. Not what we had in mind when we booked....
East Railay - good fishing, pretty scenery, terrible beach

I was exhausted enough to sleep like a log anyway, but we weren't prepared to spend more than one night there. A quick chat to the reception staff (one of whom is named "Easy"- I kid you not!) to voice our dissatisfaction, the payment of a few thousand baht extra, and we now have a lovely, large, timber floored bungalow....

....with private courtyard...

....complete with jacuzzi, sun lounges and outdoor shower. 

And a view over the courtyard wall to die for.....

I'm heading back out to the jacuzzi with a cold drink right now, then I think a nap is on my schedule. After that, sunset on the beach followed by dinner, and perhaps an evening swim in one of the pools or the ridiculously warm sea. Tomorrow I'm investigating the available spa treatments. 

I's a tough life. 



Debstar said...

You know there was a song by Harry Chapin that went "they call her Easy, yes they say it's not a way for the body to be e e e e......." google it, it's probably there on you tube. You could sing it to Easy. Anyway, the outcome to your stay looks pretty darn good.
Also, I was not able to get onto Riccadonna Allegra which is probably a good thing.

Frankie said...

awwwwwwwwe (that is all)

The House That A-M Built said...

Oh Kerryn, it is tough! ... but someone has to do it... and you do it so well. Glad you ditched the feral room and got a good one. Lap. It. Up! A-M xx

Cherub said...

I hope it's as relaxing as the pics make me feel.

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