Thursday, November 17, 2011

Cure for the crankies

I've had a cranky couple of days. I'm putting it down to not enough sleep, the detoxing effects of switching from holiday food (and fruity cocktails) back to my normal way of eating, plus the always deflating effect of returning from holidays and getting back into your normal, mundane life. *sigh*

So I'm cheering myself up by reliving our trip via my photos. I took squillions, which ensured that I ended up with quite a few decent ones.  I recall the days, not so long ago, when you had to ration your holiday photography, because film processing was relatively expensive... Then when I got home, I'd usually find that out of each roll of thirty-six, I was happy with maybe three. Thank goodness for digital technology!

Warning: If you're sick to death of my holiday pics and tales, you might want to come back tomorrow. 

These aren't in any particular order, because I couldn't be arsed cutting and pasting the html code to rearrange them after uploading. Hey, I said I was cranky.

Krabi - Most days, I had this pool all to myself, because the other guests seemed to prefer the beachfront pool. Lovely!

Krabi - Ao Phra Nang, limestone cave and deep green water.

Bangkok - our last day. Sunset from across the hotel pool.

Bangkok - Siam Square. Fantastic for shopaholics! Or if you need a taxi...

Just hanging out with Oprah... Madame Tussaud's, Bangkok.

Krabi - limestone islands viewed from the beach at Ao Phra Nang

Our last night in Krabi, Railay Bay. FINALLY caught a decent sunset!

Krabi - Ao Phra Nang. Possibly my favourite photo.  

Cocktails taste so much better when enjoyed with a beach view.

Bangkok - tropical gardens at Jim Thompson's house. We loved this place - so much history and art, all in one place.

Bangkok - view from our hotel room across Siam Square.
Eat your heart out Deb, George wants ME! He's just playing hard-to-get.

We also shopped quite a bit while we were away, and picked up a few bits and pieces to decorate the house. If you're interested in what we bought, I've posted some pics over on my home/decorating blog.

Hopefully by tomorrow The Cranky will have moved on and I'll feel like posting something that requires a bit more brain power.



Sara said...

He does want you! I see what he's doing there, pretending to be the man of.. wax? Whenever I get back from a trip I honestly get a bit depressed. The last time was really bad. I don't think it's all just holiday comedown, but something physical to do with jetlag, dehydration and whatever that nasty antiseptic is that they put through the aircon on planes. I loved your comment on my blog today, totally hit the nail on the head. ALSO, I'm digging my way through Blogging for Dummies now. Lovin' it, lovin' it.

Kek said...

I'm feeling much better this morning. A day at the office and the drive home in horrendous traffic will probably change that by this evening... LOL. At least that's just NORMAL crankiness.

Glad you're enjoying the book. You'll find that you're already doing a lot of things right. BUt there are plenty of good ideas in there to pick through. :)

Charlotte Orr said...

Great pics - thanks for sharing!

Kathryn said...

My fave cure for the crankies is hitting the shit out of something. If you don't have a punching bag handy, you can try your sons!!!

Btw do your boys refuse to let you practice boxing on them cos 'you hit too hard, mum...' or is my son just a wimp?

Debstar said...

I bet posting that photo of George wanting you bad helped blow away some of the crankies. Yes, I am so jealous of you that my face went from red to green.

Shauna said...

He is HOTT for you!

Looove your pics... what a trip... maaan :)

Kek said...

Thanks Charlotte, glad you enjoyed the pics!

Kathryn, I don't box with my kids. Two of them would fall over if I blew on them & the other hits HARD. I did want to punch something this morning, but that's a whole other story....

Sorry Deb, I know the truth hurts. ;)

Shauna, yes it WAS an awesome trip, but you've been to EUROPE! *jealous*

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