Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Feedback wanted

You might have noticed that I now have some advertising on this site. Unless of course you always read my content in a feed reader... in which case you're probably getting those annoying Google ads at the bottom of the post. Sorry about that...

If you do happen to use a feed reader, do me a favour and click through to the blog, would you? I'm still refining my advertising approach and I'd appreciate a bit of feedback.

Personally, I hate blogs that are so full of ads that it's hard to figure out where the content stops and the advertising starts. I also really, really hate pop-ups that you have to click on to close so that you can read the post that's hidden underneath. But I'm interested in what you think.

I've tried to minimise the impact of my ad units, without making them so unobtrusive that they're invisible - which, after all, would defeat the purpose. I'm also doing my best to make sure that the products and services advertised are inoffensive and where possible, fit comfortably with the health and fitness theme.

So how am I doing so far? What turns you off when it comes to blog advertising? Does advertising influence whether you read a blog or not? Please leave me a comment and let me know.



Melissa said...

I only dislike it when it opens up on the text, that really bugs me...and perhaps when it scrolls down with you! Never noticed an issue with your blog - but the newspapers drive me batty! Btw: Your blog updates don't show up on on FB anymore. Luckily they do so on Twitter. Keep up the good work Kek!

Kek said...

Thanks, Melissa. :)

Re Facebook, my blog posts are still publishing via Networked Blogs, but the changes to the way the feed is displayed seems to have played havoc with who sees what. I'm missing a lit of posts and status updates and I think the only solution is to individually change settings for every friend and page. O_o Who has time to do that?

Raechelle said...

Minimal is definitely best; yours do not seem obtrusive at all. Hope they bring in some cash for you; personally,though,I don't think I've ever clicked on an ad from a blog-I may be fibbing here-there may have been one time-but it's surely a rarity. :-)

Unknown said...

Yep agree, minimal is definitely best.

Vicki said...

I'm a bit like the others .. I don't mind a bit of advertising but not so much that it constantly in my face and I can't tell blog from ads. Agree the pop ups are the worst .. Especially the repeat pop ups!
Sometimes less is more I guess ;)

Kek said...

Thanks for the feedback, girls.

Raechelle, I don't think I'm going to be retiring on the proceeds any time soon, but I'm just aiming for a bit of pocket money - and that should be achievable with patience and the right approach.

Magda said...

I hate the ads so I completely ignore them. Pop ups suck big time but fortunately you don't have them. Just my 2c worth.

Kek said...

I don't think anybody actually likes ads, Magda. ;o)

Although... I have come across some interesting stuff via blog and other ads. I mostly ignore them myself, but sometimes I spot a product or service that turns out to be just what I need.

Mine are here to stay anyway (sorry), although the format or placement may change. I promise not to do that annoying thing where a post gets spread across three or four pages with static ads at the bottom of each that you have to scroll past to click through to the next part. THAT really peeves me.

Unknown said...

I must confess that I haven't even noticed them!!!

Kek said...

Well, that's perfectly OK with me, Linda. My ad server might not be too thrilled, of course...

No wonder I'm not a millionaire yet.

Katie Paul said...

I find it an odd concept this whole ad idea as a way to make money.(I'm guessing that blog conference is responsible LOL)

Unless you have HUGE traffic and get paid for page views rather than clicks I don't understand why it would ever work.

I (and other people I assume) come to your site because of YOU and your unique view of the world. As you are the expert on health and fitness I would be much more interested in what you had to offer and more inclined to pay for it than randomly clicking some ad about shampoo.

What about a nutrition plan or a training schedule as an Amazon Kindle download for 99 cents? Or promoting your online coaching service?

As someone who has run ads on and off for 6 years, it's not worth the effort. Create something unique for us and put up a button, get your mates to put one on their blogs and see the pocket money roll in!

Kek said...

Oh, I have lots of other money-making plans, Katie. Advertising is just a small part of it. I have fingers in several other pies right now and should have some things happening over the Christmas break.

The ad units have actually been there for a few months now - it just took a bit of time for Nuffnang to find the right advertisers for me. They're not necessarily pay-per-click either; some pay based on time displayed. Easy money, really.

Google ads really suck as a money-making venture, I'm not even going there.

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