Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Look what my awesome artist skills managed to do yesterday:

I spotted a garden bed full of Flanders poppies over at the park during my lunchtime walk, right next to the local council's war memorial. So I got all creative, tweaked this and increased that, turned something else down a tad and took a photo with a difference.....

OK, here's what really happened: It was bright outside and I could not see a thing on my phone screen. I could tell that a pop-up thingie had appeared with options for me to choose from, but apart from the brightness factor, I didn't have my reading glasses so I had no idea what it was asking me to do. So I hit the back button and just took the damn photo anyway. The whole thing was accidental, but wow!

Perhaps I should just blindly wave my phone around at random objects more often. I could end up with an exhibition in a swanky gallery.



Debstar said...

I hope you realise that if you end up in a swanky gallery you will have to talk like a tosser.

Kek said...

Damn. Didn't think of that, Deb. Oh well, maybe I'll stick to my day job.

Casey said...

That pic totally gave me a Fantasia moment. very purty!

Kek said...

Thanks Casey! :o) I'm so taken with it, I'm going to frame an enlargement and hang it somewhere.

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