Monday, November 21, 2011

How was YOUR Monday?

Mine began badly - not because anything bad happened, but because I was in a bad mood. Not only was it Monday, but I had an early start at the office, which throws my whole morning out (and I do like routine and order). 

I'd rather be anywhere than here some days

I've been feeling under pressure and distinctly grumpy about all that I have to do and the lack of time I have to do it in. Work, things that need doing around the house, errands for everyone else that I have to do in my lunch break, Christmas shopping, blog and business stuff and more. However, I've kicked my own butt and told myself to get over it - half of the pressure is self-imposed anyway.

I realised these truths: 1. What doesn't get done won't kill me or anyone else. 2. If someone's a bit miffed that I didn't do something for them, they'll get over it. 3. If my house isn't spotless (*snort* like that ever happens!), I'll survive. 4. And taking time for some R & R helps me to cope with everything else.

So in the spirit of my new-found laid-back philosophy, tonight I'll be curling up on the couch with Bike Boy for some quality time with our favourite serial killer, and the ironing can wait. I am prioritising though - some things are important and have to be done if I'm to remain on an even keel. Like the blueberry pancakes I'll be whipping up as soon as I publish this post, so I have a healthy morning tea ready to go for the next couple of days.


Whilst I was out and about at lunchtime, I spotted this:

George! How could you....?
Who is that hussy?



Debstar said...

You live with 4 males, how on earth did you think you could have a spotless house ever?

As for George, you do know that I'm blonde, don't you? And hot.

Kek said...

Yeah, spotless happens about twice a year. And lasts all of five minutes.

As for George, a scrag fight may be on the agenda if you and I ever actually meet...

Sara said...

It's ok, I actually think that is YOU in the George pic. You just didn't recognise yourself because of the angle of the pic... :D

Kek said...

Ah, of course. How could I have been so silly...?

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