Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Operation Buff Goddess

Holidays are well and truly over and I'm back to my normal routine; or at least, trying to get back into a routine.

This is the ONLY holiday shot you'll be seeing of me... purty, ain't I?
This week is going to be difficult, only because I struggle to cope with time zone changes. Some people seem to breeze through international travel, even the long-haul trips like London or L.A. Me, I take a good week or so to adjust to the one-hour daylight saving change twice a year, so a four-hour time difference has really been a challenge. Maybe my brain chemistry is just "special".

On Sunday morning, I jumped on the scales to find that it wasn't just my luggage that had picked up a couple of extra kilos. Hardly surprising, given the fun I had with "Fruity cocktail o'clock" while we were away. I wasn't particularly bothered about the weight gain - scale numbers are mostly all about actions and consequences, after all. Besides, it's just fat and/or fluid and can be removed as easily as it was gained.

There's no point getting into a flap over scale numbers
It's about six weeks until Christmas, which is plenty of time to do a decent amount of lard-busting. So I've started as I mean to go on, with daily exercise, sane eating, and some advance food preparation. Hopefully, I'll adjust back to normal sleep patterns quickly. Getting up at 5:30am when your body clock thinks it's only 1:30am certainly helps you to feel like going to bed early.  o_O

Getting my ducks all in a row
There's no room for fluffing about here. The weather's hotting up, holidays will roll around again shortly, and I plan to be looking a little more svelte by the time Santa starts doing his rounds, and a little less like a Christmas pudding.

The countdown is ON.



Debstar said...

Kek, That is an awesome photo of you. I am so inspired I have posted a photo of myself. You will be jealous of my exceptional beauty.

Kek said...

I think you look pretty good for someone who just bashed out a killer workout. :)

The House That A-M Built said...

Ha, great photo! I love your balanced thoughts about weight and lifestyle. A-M xx

Kek said...

I've learned not to take weight gain personally, A-M. Well, of course I am personally responsible.... ;) Or I could blame the cocktails. Yes, it's totally their fault!

Unknown said...

I love the ethos Miss K.

Ok - need a training programme of yours daily (so I can follow it too x)

Have a wonderful day,

loulou, from hereiamloulou blog


Kek said...

loulou, I pay someone else to write programs for me... I hate doing my own programs. Love doing them for other people, just not for me. Weird. ;)

Kek said...
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Charlotte said...

I must be *special* too. I always find it hard to adjust to daylight savings. And I'm OK with time differences when I'm away overseas, but crash when I get back. Weird.

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