Monday, November 28, 2011

Strong women from the past

I came across an online review of this amazing book a couple of days ago. Venus with Biceps, a history of muscular women in pictures:

Sorry about the teensy picture - the image is too low-res to make any bigger.

I don't know about the text, but the photos are great. There are circus strong women and acrobats, their waists tightly corseted:

Edwardian ladies dutifully performing exercises with tiny dumbbells:
But this is my favourite, from the 1950s. I love the high heels and the meticulous hairdo:

I guess you never know when you might pick up.... Me, I'm more the roll-out-of-bed-pull-on-any-old-thing-and-go kind of girl. Hair combing optional.

If you click through to the article, there's also a short video of trapeze artist Laverie Vallee from 1901, who was apparently famous for performing a striptease on the trapeze. Yes, that is what I said. Don't get too excited, guys, it was 1901.

This book's definitely on my Christmas wish list.


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