Monday, December 12, 2011

DOMS Double-whammy!

"Evil" legs - in more ways than one!

My uber-DOMS from last week has subsided, thank goodness, but I had a very uncomfortable couple of days with it. I usually don't mind a bit of post-workout soreness, because it reminds me that my muscles are growing bigger, stronger and sexier. Well, I think muscles on girls are sexy anyway....  But severe leg DOMS is a real bugger.

Not only is it painful to stand up and sit down, but if you're in the middle of a weight-loss program, it can be a bit disconcerting to see the scales go up, up, up. Yes, DOMS absolutely can cause temporary weight gain. Inflammation is part of the healing and rebuilding process that goes along with creating those bigger, better, badder muscles - and what's one of the key features of inflammation? Did you say "Swelling due to fluid"? Give yourself an A+.

While the muscle fibres are doing their Six-Million-Dollar Man we can rebuild you thing, they're holding onto a whole lot of fluid. And if it's legs that are affected, there's an amplification effect by virtue of the fact that glutes, quads and hammies are BIG muscles and therefore hold more fluid than say, biceps or delts.

So along with the extreme pain, the penguin-walk and the moans and yelps that accompany every movement, you're probably going to step onto the scales the day after that killer workout and discover that you've gained a kilo or more of weight overnight. No need for a hissy fit, though. If you understand what's going on, you can shrug your shoulders, do some light recovery-style training, get plenty of rest, drink extra water and be confident that the weight gain will reverse itself, pronto.

Or... you could kick the scales across the room and risk breaking a toe. Your call.


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Debstar said...

I didn't know that. I learnt something new today.

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