Wednesday, December 21, 2011

It should be renamed the CRAZY season

In spite of good intentions, I've allowed the silly season to get the better of me this week. I was way behind on my gift-buying, out of ideas for certain people, hadn't posted pressies to my interstate relatives and had a weekend schedule that was ridiculously jammed full of social commitments and errands. As a result, my mind switched to its usual "OMG, OMG, OMG!" mode, which helps not at all and only serves to make me act like a crazy person.

I did have an extraordinarily fun afternoon and evening with Sara on Friday ...and may have had a champagne or two, but my early morning workout cancels those out, right? But I slept badly, then had to hit the floor running to get everything done before friends arrived for dinner on Saturday. Sunday was another jam-packed-full day after yet another poor night's sleep. We had an early Christmas get-together with the in-laws for dinner and I'd promised to make this for dessert, plus had still more essential stuff to do.

Then it was right back to work on Monday, when I still had a million things I needed to be doing. Aargh, aargh, AARGH! Lack of sleep plus stress do not add up to fun times. As evidence of how crazy the past week has been, I give you this:


That, in case you're wondering,  is a complete absence of photos of the magnificently decadent Death by Chocolate. See? I obviously totally lost my mind. It was amazing, by the way - and I donated the leftovers to my sister-in-law, so there's nothing sitting around in the fridge here to tempt me.

I thought my hay fever was acting up the past couple of days, adding to the joy. Sneeze, sniff, sneeze. Yay. Only it turns out that I have a head cold. Merry freaking Christmas! I woke up this morning in a bad mood with a sore throat, headache and snot oozing everywhere and stomped off to work feeling very resentful. Then I did the only sensible thing and came home at lunchtime. A nap helped to restore some brain function, and I managed to complete my last Christmas purchase online AND I even have everything wrapped and placed under the tree.

The house is still a mess, I have one and a half more days to get through at work, but thankfully, I'm feeling a lot more sane.

Lesson learned: Do my usual OCD thing and get the damn Christmas shopping done in November.


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