Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Pre-New Year's resolution

Happy to be seeing the old year out? You bet!
I've been inspired by Katrina to do a little de-cluttering by the end of the year. I don't know about you, but I find that when my house/desk/wardrobe is a mess, my brain starts to feel messy and cluttered too. Ridding myself of surplus "stuff" and having everything organised somehow leaves me feeling clear-headed and focused. Not to mention all the time that I don't waste looking for things....

So I've just made a pre-New Year resolution to do the following things:

1. Clean out my wardrobe, donate surplus clothing to charity and clean up the mess that's in there. A trip to IKEA may be required for hooks and more matching coat hangers. I might even brave before and after photos.... (you have no idea how scary it is in there!).

2. Tidy up my office space and my studio in general. I've had a break from training clients for a few weeks, and have allowed piles of crap to accumulate in here. It's kind of handy when we entertain to just shove all the mess in here and shut the door. It's definitely out of sight, because let's face it; nobody wants to come and check out my squat rack.

3. Get the folding and ironing up to date *gulp*. I know there's a laundry under all that crap.

4. List surplus "stuff" on eBay. Books, DVDs, some brand-name clothing, Number One Son's old Warhammer figurines. If we don't want it, it's either gotta be sold or donated.

So it's almost noon on Wednesday and I have until midnight on Saturday to achieve that lot. Can I do it? Hmm....



Sara said...

You can do it!

I only have two 'resolutions' for 2012. 1) relax and 2) declutter/minimise. Too much crap in my life, in my head. Out it goes!

Kek said...

Hear, hear! On with the de-crapifying!

So far I've cleared my desk, shredded a shameful amount of paper (although it's all going in the recycle bin, so I can feel better about that) and I actually have floor space in here!

There still seems to be a waist-high pile of filing and random boxes stacked by the door, but I'm getting there.

And Simply Red's greatest hits, played VERY loudly is most helpful in promoting an industrious mood.

kexkez said...

good on you. I removed a mass of paperwork from the office the other day. Filled the bottom 1/3 of our big recycling bin with it. and I know there is loads more. Next task is the robe recess. My once a year pull down and sort. I should do a serious throw out. The boys need theirs done too. Amazing how I'll find a squirreled away size 6 t-shirt from time to time despite them both being in mens sizes now and me doing a twice yearly sort of their drawers.

Sandra said...

Good luck with it! I cleaned my desk/office on Tuesday and it's made such a difference to my work-flow. The ironing is next on the list but somehow I keep finding "something better" to do LOL.
Had a peek at your food blog the other day and made Liz'z fruit compote...yummo...with temps in the low teens here for the past month, it was a great way to get some seasonal fruit into the menu when it's too cold for fruit salad. Thanks xo

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