Sunday, December 18, 2011


Huzzah! My FitBodies website makeover has been completed. Well, almost ...there is some content to be added, but that's not likely to happen this side of Christmas, so I'm doing the "Big Reveal" now.

If you hop on over to take a look, you'll see that only the main page and the gallery are done. I'll be getting to the rest once Christmas Day is behind us - until then, I barely have a spare minute.

I love, love, love the new look, which is all thanks to Katrina at The Media Maid - who also did this blog design for me. She's given my Facebook page and Twitter background the treatment too (if you're not already a fan/follower, you can find them via the website. Just click on the pretty green links in the sidebar).

If you're after a fresh new look for your blog or website, give Katrina a yell. She's very easy to work with and will deliver exactly what you want....even if you're really annoying like me and don't actually know what that is.  :o)



Liz@LastChanceTraining said...

Looking good!

Sara said...

Woohooo! That does look awesome ;) Now .. get to and write some super content!

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