Saturday, December 10, 2011

What's the opposite of a princess?

Beauty routines and how much work it is to be female seemed to be a recurring theme this week across blogs and Twitter.

For instance, Katrina was saying that she wants to be reincarnated as a man, to avoid all the time and effort involved in getting ready to face the day. And someone asked the question on Twitter: What's the bare minimum amount of makeup you have to apply before you can leave the house? And then there were all the posts about hair and clothes and dresses and pedicures etc, all as part of the preparations for end of year celebrations.

I suspect that I must be a fake female, because I'm very low maintenance when it comes to all of this. Yes, I like nice clothes and of course I want my hair to look good (sadly, it rarely does), but I simply do not have the time to spend on any kind of lengthy beauty routine. When I roll out of bed at stupid o'clock to get to the gym, the last thing I'm thinking about is how I look. I usually remember to comb my hair, but that's about it.

As for preparations for work, my morning routine involves:

A two minute shower - soap, rinse, get out and dry off. A bit longer if I need to wash my hair, which I try to keep to every 2-3 days.
Face: Moisturiser, light foundation, blusher, eye liner pencil and mascara. I may remember to apply lipstick. I usually forget.
Hair: Comb, fluff with hands. If it's a hair-washing day (sigh!), I do my best to style it into something presentable in less than five minutes, but if I'm honest, it normally looks like crap.

That's it. I grab something to wear out of the wardrobe, find shoes, forget to add any jewellery 99% of the time and I only ever wear perfume if it's a special occasion. So don't bother buying me expensive fragrances for birthday or Christmas gifts - it'll just go mouldy in a drawer.

As for my nails? Manicures are a complete waste of time and money for me. I invariably break several nails on dumbbells or car doors or something, plus I'm always pulling out weeds or painting something, so they look a mess within 24 hours.

I bet the Danish royal family are relieved that Frederick didn't marry me....

How about you? Which are you: princess or peasant?



Charlotte Orr said...

Definitely 'peasant'. My routine is even shorter than yours. Probably not helped by the fact that I work from home so don't always have to 'face the world'.

Pip said...

Haha, yours sounds good, great effort on the morning gym regime! I'm mostly a 'peasant' with perhaps some princess thrown in!

I'm up before 5am for work, (too early to train before that I think!)

I do use a combined cleaner/toner and a combined tinted moisturisor/sunscreen. Then comb hair, usually tie back in short pony tail or flip under ponytail, eat and clean up brekkie, clean teeth and listerine.....then I'm off. I used to wear mascara and eyeliner but one of my first jobs of day is chopping lots of I've given up. Nails......only the occasional emery board. To go out......usually wear makeup, but rarely have time to dry and straighten hair after shower. At 31 I'm concerned about trying not to age too fast if poss!

Kathryn said...

I was going to suggest the tinted moisturiser/sunscreen too. It's brilliant.

I had my hair cut at a salon in Tokyo and it's the best hair cut ever! I haven't had it cut since and I've never had to style it. I never even blowdry, just let it dry naturally. Pity it's such a long trek to go back there :P

I figure most of other people's beauty routines are to counteract the effects of bad lifestyle. If you stay out of the sun, eat real food and drink enough water you are doing more for your face than anything out of a jar or tube.

Of course it helps that we are natural beauties.

Kek said...

So far, the peasants rule! I'm glad I'm not the only one who "fails" at Beauty 101.

Kathryn, you're SO right - being naturally gorgeous is a definite advantage. :p

Unknown said...

another peasant here too!!!
wash my hair every day but it only takes about 10 mins to dry and style ( and yes- it usually looks like crap anyway!)
I choose what I'm going to wear the day before and pack my bags cos invariably I need to be out of the house before 6am and have about 3 changes of attire depending on where I'm working!
go peasants!!!!

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