Sunday, January 01, 2012

Busting excuses

Like most people, I love the promise a new year brings. 2011 was mostly good, but I won't be dwelling on any of the not-so-good parts or beating myself up for the things I didn't do well, or for any goals I didn't achieve. I've taken whatever lessons there were to be learned from those things, and I'm moving on.

I came across this great quote a few days ago and it's stuck with me:

"If you focus on results, you will never change. If you focus on change, you will get results" 

With that in mind, I have some plans for this year, but rather than setting results-based goals, I'm setting action goals. And I'm going to make sure that I get a  head start on the year's big plans by jumping right into things in January.

My number one priority is to improve my fitness and strength, so January's goal is a simple one:


Yep, that's it. It's not rocket surgery, but I know that if I follow my training plan and let no excuses get in my way, by the end of the month I will see improvements in fitness and strength. Like most people, I can let a million and one things distract me from what I should be doing - especially while I'm on holidays.

There have been days where I've slept late, spent the morning sitting around in my pjs because I had nowhere to be, and then had my inner sloth pipe up and run off a list of "reasons" why I couldn't train. It's too hot now. I have to do the washing/go to the supermarket/work on my website. The gym's closed. It's too late in the day; if I don't train first up, I can't do it at all. 

Oh yeah, I caught that last one yesterday and thought Whoa! Hold up there! Who SAYS I "can't" train at any other time than first thing? When did that become a fact? Of course it's nonsense - I prefer to train at sparrow's fart, and when I'm working, it really is the best opportunity I have. But hello? That is not a truth; it's just a story I've told myself to justify avoiding doing something that I know I should be doing.

So I marched into the bedroom, dragged on my workout clothes, grabbed my gym bag and jumped in the car. It was 10:45am when I arrived at the gym, and guess what? The world didn't end because I did my weights workout almost five hours later than normal. And then? Then I also got on the spin bike at home for a good thirty minutes of aerobic training. In the afternoon. Yes, it was hot, but I dragged the bike over under the air con vent and just did it anyway.

This morning I busted more than one of those excuses. The gym's closed, it's super-hot and I slept till almost 9:00am, but I hammered out a killer spin workout anyway.

I love me some excuse-busting. What's your favourite excuse for avoiding exercise, and how do you beat it? Leave me a comment...



Magda said...

No excuses on weekdays - well not many - but come Saturday and it's the same old, same old, too much to do, too little time and the exercise gets dropped.

Er, I haven't yet mastered how to bust it, but I guess it'll come down to planning and priorities.

Kek said...

We're alike Magda, in that we thrive in an environment of routine and structure. Take that away and what happens? If we're not on the ball, the wheels just fall off.

I'm finding that just being aware of the mental dialogue that's going on is the key to staying on track. If I'm attentive, I pick up the stories I tell myself and I can see that they don't ring true. Challenge your "stories", question whether they're true or not and you might be on the way to beating the excuses.

Sara said...

'Too busy' is always my excuse. My 'excuse buster' is to tell myself that if I can find 20 minutes to Facebook, I can find 20 minutes to work out!

Kek said...

Oh yeah, "too busy" comes up all the time for most of us, I think.

Got four hours to loll around on the couch watching those DVDs you got for Christmas? OK, go work out.

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