Sunday, January 15, 2012

The holiday ends

Today is the final day of my lovely Christmas break. Tomorrow it's back to battling through traffic, fighting with computer systems that never quite work, being stuck indoors on perfect summer days and having to make a bit of an effort with my appearance. On the plus side, they pay me.

I'm not sure that I made the most of my final days of freedom, but here's a glimpse of my week in pictures:

The weather was a bit unkind for most of the week, with wintry temperatures, grey skies and rain. And yet somehow I managed to get all the washing dry.

Stormy weather didn't stop me getting out for a few walks.
I got a bit sick of my own company, so bribed The Baby to come shopping with me. The price? Pancakes for afternoon tea. I had baked cheesecake and enjoyed every mouthful.

His eyes were bigger than his belly - he only got through half!
We helped my eldest niece celebrate her 21st birthday last night. I forgot to take my camera O_O and had to resort to the phone instead. I also pulled some embarrassing stunts on the dance floor. Well, embarrassing for my kids anyway; I had a great time.

Love those shoes!
Summer decided to return today and I'm enjoying some fresh air and a view of the greenery from my desk.

Hopefully by next year, those plants will be blocking out the neighbouring house.
I honoured my promise to take the road bike out for a spin this weekend. Yesterday Bike Boy set it up on the trainer for me and I practiced clipping in and unclipping. Today he rode beside me like a mother hen as I cycled sedately around the block. I stopped and started several times to get the hang of unclipping safely and managed not to fall off.

Of course when we arrived safely back at our driveway, I had a slight mishap. I saved myself and didn't fall, but did manage to whack my ankle pretty hard on the cogs. It's only a small graze, but in spite of scrubbing and scrubbing, I cannot shift the grease marks from my leg.

Looks like I'm wearing pants tomorrow...
I'm making things as easy as possible for myself for my first week back. I've prepared lunches to get me through the week and have all the washing up to date (although that never lasts long, does it?). I still have to do the ironing and pick clothes for tomorrow, but then I think I'm good to go.

If you're heading back to work tomorrow (or already returned last week), you have my sympathy. What do you do to make the transition a bit easier? If you have any great tips, please share...


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