Friday, January 27, 2012

Snap quiz: Test your gym knowledge

I've seen some funny things at the gym over the years. Some have made me roll my eyes, some had me laughing out loud, and some may have caused me to stop and stare open-mouthed at the sheer idiocy.

I worry that many people don't actually know what they're doing, so to help set everyone straight, I've created this quick quiz. See how much you know....  

1. Wearing a hoodie during Bodypump, preferably with the hood up, will:
a) make you sweat more and therefore give you a better workout
b) prove that you're a moron. If you haven't collapsed due to heat exhaustion 30 minutes into the class, you're probably not working hard enough anyway.

2. To be executed properly, tricep pushdowns require substantial hip flexion. Everyone knows if you're not using your whole torso to move that weight, it's just not heavy enough and you're a pussy! True or false? 

3. If you puke halfway through your workout, it means you:
a) are awesome. Give me a high five!
b) overstepped your limits and/or need to pay better attention to nutrition & hydration

4. If you have to hold onto the top of the TV monitor on the treadmill when doing incline walking, you:
a) are totally hardcore
b) need to drop the speed or incline to a level you can handle.

5. Lumbar extension is essential when doing bicep curls. Some pelvic thrusting is even better, because you're recruiting more muscles. True or false?

6. Planks are for sissy girly-girls. If you can't do 100 full sit-ups, you'll never get a six-pack. True or false?

7. When deadlifting, you need to:
a) have as much weight on the bar as possible, then grunt really loudly and at the end of each set, drop the bar to make a huge CLANG so everyone turns and looks at you and can see how much weight you're lifting.
b) learn correct technique and focus on lifting with your legs and glutes, not your lower back.

8) Those vibrating plate machines are great for sitting on, so that the fat in your butt gets massaged away.  True or false?

Nobody really wants me to provide the answers, do they?


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