Monday, January 23, 2012

Starting the week on a bright note

I enjoyed my sunrise walk last Monday so much that I postponed today's weights session until tonight and headed out again this morning. This time I remembered to take my camera.

I ran into some neighbours, who aren't particularly shy:

And a few more, just hanging round under a big old redgum, waiting for the sun to come up:

Enjoyed watching the sky change all by myself (well, apart from the hundred or so roos nearby):

Felt the temperature begin to rise the minute the sun appeared over the horizon:

And then took a few minutes to enjoy the gorgeous colours of the landscape, before heading home for my breakfast.

I'm heading into a three-day week, which I'm pretty happy about. :) For the non-Aussies, it's a public holiday for Australia Day on Thursday and like thousands of others, I'm taking a day's leave on Friday to make it a lovely long weekend.

My Monday's started well - hope yours has too.


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