Tuesday, January 03, 2012

This post brought to you by the letter "O"

That's "O" for Organised. Because this week is all about organisation.

Holidays usually see me sleeping late, taking naps, sitting around in my pjs, drinking more coffee than is good for me and idly surfing the net or flicking through magazines. Because I have PLENTY of time... until suddenly I don't and the day is over, or even worse: it's time to go back to work. Yikes! Where did that time go?

Sure holidays are for relaxing, but they're also a good chance to catch up on all those things you've neglected all year because you were too busy. Well, now I'm not busy, so I have no excuse.

I don't plan to cram the next two weeks so full of "stuff" that there's no time for bludging on the couch with a book or hitting the shops to spend my Christmas gift vouchers. What I'm aiming to do is strike some balance. So with that in mind, I'm doing a little planning:

Meal planning. We waste less time, less food and spend less money when we plan dinners ahead. It's also far easier to stick to healthy food choices when you're not doing the "Eek! It's 6:00pm already, what will we have for dinner?" routine.

Training scheduling. This one's taken care of, as far as the "what". But during holidays, the "when" can be problematic. When I know I have the whole day to get it done, I slide into procrastination mode. Meh. I can do it later, I'll just have another coffee... Then before I know it, it's too late/too hot/there's too much to get done etc. So training needs to be scheduled, just as it is on a working day.

Work scheduling. Even though I'm on leave from my nine-to-five job, I still have my other work to do - personal training clients, business promotional stuff, book planning and recipe testing, blogging (yes, blogging is mostly fun ...and my therapy... but there is a work component to it). If I'm not careful, I find work time and family time and housework time and ME time get all tangled up and work usually tends to gobble up the lion's share of my time. So I'm setting work hours, same as if I was going out to work. In theory, I should end up with increased productivity and more spare time. We'll see...

As for my pre-New Year resolution? I got my desk tidied up, the studio about 90% tidy and the filing is...well, reduced by at least 75%. The folding is done; and the ironing? Yeah, that was never going to happen. The surplus stuff for listing on eBay? I have everything ready to go, just haven't felt like spending yet more time on the computer. And the wardrobe? It's still a closet full of shame. I'm extending my deadline till the end of this week to finish that lot off.

It's my resolution, and I can shift the goalposts if I want to.



Katrina said...

Ooo I love those little pads - idea for me :)

Kek said...

Aren't they cute? They were a gift. :)

Can't wait to see what you come up with.

Magda said...

Mitchell and I are 'O'ing tomorrow - that is making a list of all the stuff we want to for the rest of our holidays. It's the only way we'll avoid the daily 'what are we gonna do today?'

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