Saturday, January 14, 2012

Walk this way


Today I'm walking like a cowboy and it's all due to Thursday's boxfit class, which contained an excessive amount of ducking and weaving. Those side-stepping squat movements have a diabolical effect on glutes and adductors, let me tell you!

But this morning I fronted up to the gym for my weights session - which I should have done yesterday, except I was feeling poorly, thanks to yet another head cold. (What did I do to deserve this?) I thought about skipping training when my day got off to a sluggish start with a sleep-in till almost 8:30am. Plus my throat was sore, nose stuffy and there was the aforementioned impairment of my lower half. Plenty of excuses to choose from...

But I told myself to take a teaspoon of cement and harden up, and I got through my deadlifts and squats quite well (if I say so myself).  Now I'm quaking in fear at the thought of how sore I'm going to be tomorrow. That's Sunday - when I have a morning RPM class scheduled. God.

I must be mad.


The whole comment thing is all sorted now. Thanks to everyone who helped me test it out. If you have a Blogger or Google account (or Yahoo, LiveJournal, Flickr, MySpace and a few others), you can log in via OpenID. Or use your Twitter or Facebook account to log in. Or create an IntenseDebate account for yourself. See? Lots of options - there's sure to be something to suit everyone.

For me, the best part is not having to moderate comments. I expect to see no spam whatsoever now, and folks can see their comment published straight away. 

I do want to add a quick reminder to please abide by my comments policy. If everyone behaves nicely, as I'm sure they will, there will never be any need for me to switch comment moderation back on. Yay.


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