Saturday, February 18, 2012

Feeling PHAT

I have a busy weekend going on here. It's that time of year again: Jen Hendershott is in town!

Last night we got a taste of Phat Camp training action with a sweaty 50-minute cardio bootcamp session. I surprised myself and managed pop squats, bear crawls and even some (slightly slow) burpees, in spite of a tight ITB, dicky right arm and sore right foot (must go see the podiatrist about that...). I drew the line at a couple of exercises and ran laps of the room instead, but I was pleased to see that my injuries and tight body parts have improved on last time.

I have NO photos, as the focus ring on my camera lens decided to jam itself up and I couldn't get it to focus at all.  I've fixed it now, so today I'll be aiming to click away and capture a few shots to share. I'll also do a catch up on my February photo-a-day challenge. I'm a little behind....

I'm looking forward to some weights work, more cardio, chatting with the other campers and plenty of shopping today! See you all later. :)


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