Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Keeping the camera clicking.

I'm continuing the photography obsession, with Fat Mum Slim's March Photo-a-Day challenge. But this time I've decided to post the pics only on Twitter & Facebook. I've enjoyed the Feb challenge, but I feel as though my "real" posts kind of got lost amongst all the challenge posts.

I may create a Photobucket album as well, and share it here weekly...Hmm. Anyway, this here's the deal:

I'll try not to miss any days this time. If anyone else would like to join in, hop over to Fat Mum Slim's site and post your blog link. If you want to keep up with my very average amazing photography, go click on the Twitter button up there on the sidebar and follow me...

Oh, yeah. I do have the final three photos for February; Just haven't got around to uploading them. I'll get there. I never said I was good at this blog challenge stuff.


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