Monday, February 13, 2012

The pants test

I scared myself silly yesterday when I decided to wear my jeans to a casual lunchtime birthday party. I grabbed them out of a pile inside my wardrobe where I'd left them after wearing them a few days earlier, chose a white top and a pink jacket and went to get dressed.

I stepped into my jeans, tugged them over my hips with a bit of a wiggle (as you do - everyone knows wiggling helps get them on) and zipped them up. Wait. WTF? They were more than snug - they were positively tight, causing a very obvious muffin top to flow over the waistband.

I couldn't figure it out. I'd worn them only a few days ago and they fit just FINE. I hadn't been eating cake and ice cream non-stop for a week - or at all. Sure, I had a nasty case of leg DOMS, which might explain the lack of scale movement for the past couple of days, but that didn't explain an expanded waistline. I hadn't even washed them, so fabric shrinkage wasn't an issue.

Then the lightbulb went on. I walked back into the wardrobe, rummaged underneath some shirts I'd discarded on Friday when deciding what to wear to work, and pulled out...another pair of jeans. The ones I was wearing were my SKINNY jeans. I'd been looking for something a couple of weeks ago and had pulled them out of a drawer and had been too lazy hadn't had time to put them away.

Puzzlement (and slight panic) was instantly transformed into an urge to dance around the bedroom. I CAN GET INTO MY SKINNY JEANS! Sure, they might be unwearable for more than an hour or so, but still....awesome progress.

I'm battling to get much happening at all on the scales. There is downward movement, but it's excruciatingly slow. I'm not concerned at all though - I know that fat loss is ticking along just fine. Because as my friend Clara says, the pants test never lies.


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